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Volume 29, No. 01 and 02

>>>Acoustical Studies on Terbium in 60/40 Benzene-Methanol(v/v) Mixture Click to view

>>>Synthesis of Intermediate for Curcuphenol Methyl Ether and 8-methoxycalamenence Click to view

>>>A new Method for Synthesis of 2-Thenoyl Glycine Hydrazide Bearing a Peptide Bond and Characterization of its Copper (ll), Nickel (ll) and Cobait (ll) Complexes Click to view

>>>The Corrosion and Inhibition of Copper and Tin-Lead Alloy in Acidic conditionsClick to view

>>>Adducts of Acetylacetonates of Oxovanadlum(lv), Cobalt(ll) and Nickel(ll) Click to view

>>>Synthesis and Structural Investigation of Lanthanide Metal Complexes of 5- Methyl Furtural Isonicotlnoyl Hydrazone Click to view

>>>Evaluation of Properties of Crud Extract of Coleus BarbatusClick to view

>>>Studies on Dna Binding and Biological Activities of Copper (ll) Complexes Click to view

>>>Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Biologically Active Arylldene Derivative of ImidazoleClick to view

>>>Thermodynamics of Hydrochioric Acid in Methanol-Water Mixture by Electromotive Force MeasurementsClick to view

>>>Development of Extractive Spectrophotometic Determination of Cobait (ll) with Isatin-3-Thiosemicabazone (Hitse) as an Analytical ReagentClick to view

>>>Synthesis and Pharamacological Aspects of Some Novel Heterocyclic Nitrogen and Oxygen CompoundsClick to view

>>>Studies on Soiid Dispersions of Nicotinamide-Theophyiiine Drug SystemClick to view

>>>Comparative Efficiency of Acryiate and Acryiic Acid: Synthesis and CharacterizationClick to view

>>>Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Biological Activity of Schiff Base derived Metal ComplexesClick to view

>>>Synthesis and Becteriocidcal, Spectral Studies of newly Formed Binary Complexes of Transition Metals with Antiuicer Drug Click to view

>>>Thermal and non Isothermal Behavior Of Co(ll) and Cu (ll) Complexes with 4-Amino Acetophenone derived LigandsClick to view

>>>Density and Viscoslty of Zirconyl Soaps in Benzene-Methanol Solvent [4:1 v/v]Click to view

>>>Spectrophotometric Determination of Copper in Alloy Samples using Saiicyiaidehyde Acetoyihydrazone (Saah) in Aqueous MediamClick to view

>>>Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of  some Novel N1- Amino-Mythyl-Substituted 1, 4-Benzodlazepine DerivativesClick to view

>>>A Kinetic Study of Solvent Effect on the Mechanism and thermodynamic parameters of aikaiine hydroiysis of Methyinicotinate in Aquo-n-Butanol Media ConductometricallyClick to view

>>>Determination of Thermodynamic Parameters of some n-σ* And π-π* charge Transfer Complexes in Solution by a Refractometric method  (at 25oc) 298.15 kClick to view

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